Malta Workshop



The Delos Initiative Fourth Workshop


Sacred Natural Sites with a primary focus on Islam



24-26 April 2017

Franciscan Retreat House of Porziuncola - Malta





Megalithic temple in Malta



Providing guidance for sacred natural sites in technologically developed countries


  • Presentation and critical analysis of case studies with a primary focus on Islam and on those relevant to more than one living religion (including conserved areas, like the himas, which are not equivalent to other ‘holy sites’, but are based on Islamic principles). Extraction of lessons to be drawn concerning the integration of spiritual concerns in the management of natural sites.
  • Identification of case studies and lessons that could be included in the future updated and more encompassing IUCN Guidelines on Sacred Natural Sites.


Franciscan Retreat House of Porziuncola - Malta

You may download the workshop agenda here.


MedINA (Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos)

Silene Association

University of Malta - Institute of Earth Systems


Megalithic temple in Malta

View of Ghadira nature reserve from St. Agatha's Tower (Red Tower) in Mellieha Malta

Photo by Inkwina (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons