Delos2 Workshop





Final programme




This 5-day programme, besides the presentations and debates, includes a circumnavigation of the Mt. Athos Peninsula with a view from the sea of its major monasteries and two parallel field trips (A) to the Meteora monastery area of Thessaly in Central Greece and to (B) to the Vergina archaeological site and to Byzantine Thessaloniki (Byzantine Museum and churches).



Wednesday, 24 October


Arrival of participants at Thessaloniki Airport


17:00-18:30 Transfer by bus to Eagles Palace Hotel


20:30 Welcome dinner at hotel



Thursday, 25 October


09:00-13:00 First session


09:00-09:30 Opening session (Chair: Rob Wild)

  • Welcome by the Prefect of Halkidiki

  • Welcome remarks by the Mt. Athos Sacred Community representative

  • Message from IUCN by Puri Canals

  • General comments on the Delos Initiative and the Workshop by Thymio Papayannis


09:30-10:30 Presentation and analysis of case studies (a) (Chair: Josep-Maria Mallarach)

  • Zakia Zouanat: Jabal Lâ’lam (Morocco)

  • Benally Jeneda: San Francisco Peaks (California, USA)


10:30-11:00 Coffee/tea break


11:00-12:00 Presentation and analysis of case studies (b) (Chair: Gonzalo Oviedo)

  • Sebastian Catanoiou: Buila Vinturarita site (Romania)

  • Kyung-Koo Han: Mani San Mt. (Korea)


12:15-17:30 Boat cruise around Mt. Athos (including box lunch on board)


18:00-20:00 Presentation and analysis of case studies (c) (Chair: Rob Wild)

  • Alexander Davydov: Solovetsky Islands (Russian Federation)

  • Bas Verschuuren: Indigenous sacred sites in developed countries (Australia)

  • Gloria Pungetti: Foreste Casentinesi (Italy)


20:30 Dinner at hotel



Friday, 26 October


08:30-11:00 Sacred natural sites and monastic communities (Chair: Bas Verschuuren)

  • Josep-Maria Mallarach: Initiatives of the Monastery of Poblet to integrate spiritual and environmental values Catalonia, Spain)

  • Isabel Soria: The management plan of the Monastery Sakya Tashi Ling property, Garraf Park (Catalonia, Spain)

  • Petros Kakouros: Landscape conservation actions in the Holy Mountain (Greece)

  • Sister Theoxeni: Integrated ecological approach to monastic lands, Chryssopigi Monastery (Crete, Greece)

  • Discussion


11:00-11:30 Coffee/tea break


11:30-13:30 Guidelines for the management of sacred natural sites (Chair: Josep-Maria Mallarach)

  • Rob Wild: The UNESCO-IUCN guidelines for sacred natural sites

  • Thymio Papayannis: Sacred natural sites specificities in technologically developed countries

  • Gonzalo Oviedo: Custodians of sacred natural sites versus protected area managers

  • Extended discussion


13:30-14:30 Lunch at hotel


14:30-16:30 Planning of future activities (Chair: Zakia Zouanat)

  • Gonzalo Oviedo: Expectations from the World Conservation Congress (WCC, Barcelona, October 2008)

  • Rob Wild: Activities of the Task Force on Cultural and Spiritual Values of Protected Areas during the World Conservation Congress (Barcelona, October 6-13 2008)

  • Josep Maria Mallarach: Planning for the WCC and the Delos Initiative contribution

  • Discussion on the future of the Delos Initiative


16:30-17:00 Coffee/tea break


17:00-18:00 Conclusions (Chair: Josep-Maria Mallarach)

  • Thymio Papayannis: Points to be included in the Mt. Athos Statement

  • Discussion and approval


18:00-18:30 Closing of meeting

  • Theodota Nantsou: Ecological work of the Ecumenical Patriarchate

  • Thymio Papayannis: Instructions about field trips and farewell


20:30 Dinner at hotel



Saturday, 27 October


(A) Meteora field trip (Leader Irini Lyratzaki):


07:30 Departure from Eagles Palace Hotel by bus


12:00 Arrival in Calambaca, Central Thessaly


12:00-13:30 Visit of the Meteora site and the Varlaam Monastery


13:30-15:00 Lunch at Castraki (‘Paradissos’ taverna)


15:00-20:30 Return to Thessaloniki by bus and overnight stay at City Hotel


21:00 Farewell dinner at ‘Panellinion’ restaurant 



(B) Vergina and Byzantine Thessaloniki field trip (Leader Thymio Papayannis):


08:00 Departure from Eagles Palace Hotel by bus


09:30-11:00 Visit the Sacred Monastery of the Annunciation in Ormylia


11:00-13:30 Bus trip from Ormylia to Vergina


13:30-14:30 Visit the Vergina archaeological site


14:30-15:00 Bus trip from Vergina to the city of Veria


15:00-16:00 Lunch at ‘Elia’ restaurant in Veria


16:00-17:00 Bus trip from Veria to Thessaloniki


17:00-18:30 Visit Byzantine Thessaloniki (Byzantine Museum and two churches)


18:30-17:00 Registration at City Hotel


17:00-21:00 Free time


21:00 Farewell dinner at ‘Panellinion’ restaurant 



Sunday, 28 October


Transfers from City Hotel to Thessaloniki Airport and flights home








There are the following communication possibilities:

Eagles Palace Hotel in Ouranoupolis

T: +30 237 703 1047, F: +30 237 703 1383, E:

City Hotel in Thessaloniki

T: +30 2310 269421, F: +30 2310 274358 , E:


Internet connections are possible through WiFi at Eagles Palace Hotel, which also has a Business Centre with appropriate facilities.


Field trips

There are two options concerning the field trip on Saturday 27 October, the one (A) to Meteora and the other (B) to Vergina and the Thessaloniki area. Please note that the first one may be very tiring due to the many hours of bus travel. For details of each trip, see the programme as well as the information below:


A. Field trip to Meteora:

Besides Mt Athos, one of the most renowned sacred sites of Greece and a landmark of Orthodox Christianity is the area of Meteora. Of the 26 monasteries established during the Byzantine and the post-Byzantine period only 6 are active today. The first traces of their history date from the 11th century when the first hermits settled there. The rock monasteries have been characterized by UNESCO as a unique phenomenon of cultural heritage and they form one of the most important stations of cultural map of Greece.


The long trip to Meteora, indisputably is worth the effort, as the traveller will have the opportunity to observe on his/her way a great variety of Macedonian and Thessaly landscapes: from the rich in vegetation lands of Halkidiki, to the pastured valleys of Greek Macedonia, the mountainous area of the mythic Olympus and the valley of Tembi to the phenomenal geological formations of Meteora.


B. Field trip to Vergina and Thessaloniki:

The trip will start with a visit of the Sacred Monastery of Annunciation in Ormylia, which is a dependency of the Simonopetra Monastery of Mt. Athos. It is a religious establishment of unique architecture, surrounded by rich vegetation, inhabited by approximately 100 nuns.


The Royal Mount in Vergina, capital of the Macedonian kings, is a fascinating archaeological site, and will be the next stop. The spectacular finds from the “Tomb of Philip II’ are on display there.


In the afternoon, a visit to Thessaloniki is organized, which will include the Museum of Byzantine Culture and two Byzantine churches (Aghios Dimitrios and Aghia Sophia). The city is an amalgam of ancient, Byzantine, Ottoman and modern architecture, all resulting in a unique multicultural mosaic.



Unfortunately, flights agreed and arranged cannot be modified.

Please return to Irini Lyratzaki your flight coupons.

Also contact Irini Lyratzaki for any problem you may have with travel arrangements.



Transfers from/to Thessaloniki Airport and the hotels are arranged by the organizers by minibus and taxis.


Weather and clothing

Weather in late October is mild, but with possibility of rain. We shall send you detailed information on Monday 22 October.


Dress during the Workshop will be informal. For visits to Monasteries appropriate modest clothing is required (including skirts for ladies). Comfortable shoes, a waterproof jacket and some warm clothes will be advisable for the boat trip and the excursions.