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Culture and Wetlands

Partners and Activities
Mediterranean Wetlands Initiative (MedWet)

MedWet is a forum of 27 Mediterranean countries, specialised wetland centres and international environmental organisations, which work together for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands. The MedWet Initiative is an endogenous mechanism based on voluntary participation, mutual trust and benefit.

MedWet’s mission is to ensure and support the effective conservation of wetlands and the wise use of their resources, values and services, through local, national, regional and international collaborations. Promoting and facilitating the implementation of activities that contribute to the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands, within the framework of the Ramsar Convention. MedWet has four main objectives:

a. to promote and participate in the implementation of the Ramsar Convention’s objectives and initiatives in the Mediterranean region;

b. to develop and reinforce the capacity of people involved in sustainable management, especially in Ramsar-designated wetland sites;

c. to act as a catalyst for the exchange of knowledge and expertise between key conservation actors in order to reinforce Mediterranean wetland management;

d. to collaborate with other international initiatives in the region and globally;

MedWet’s work focuses on:

•       providing technical tools and ensuring the sustainable management of wetlands and their natural resources;

•       creating stakeholder networks and partnerships between and within Mediterranean countries on issues pertaining to wetlands;

•       promoting and disseminating information on the “wise use” of wetland resources; putting into practice best practices of wetland management with “hands-on” projects in Mediterranean wetlands.


The MedWet Culture Network

The Mediterranean basin has a long history of human use and thus wetlands sites often have cultural components like physical ruins, monuments or particular traditions on fishing, building etc. Combining natural and cultural management can provide benefits to conservation, empower local communities and give eco-tourism opportunities in the area.  MedWet was active in this area in the past and will soon be launching the MedWet Culture Network.  The MedWet Steering Group –at its meeting in Athens on 13-14 January 2009– has approved the establishment of a MedWet Culture Network (MW/CN) for the period 2009-2012. MedWet is currently in the process of building such a netwrok which will enable diferent mediterranean actors to exchange practices and information.